APRIL 16, 2016

Stevenson Fireside Lounge, UCSC

9:00 AM Registration

9:25 AM Welcoming Remarks

Jon Nyquist on behalf of conference committee

9:30 AM Introductory Remarks

Megan Moodie, Anthropology, UCSC

9:45 AM Panel 1: COLORS

9:45-10:05 Drawing Lines in the Water: Borderwaters and Marine Routes in the Northern Dominican Republic. Kyrstin Mallon Andrews, UC Irvine

10:05-10:25 Unsettling Frequencies: Coloring Big Data in the Neoliberal Observatory. Christopher Santo Domingo Chan University of Washington

10:25- 10:45 Rust: Ferruginous Stories of Progress and Decay in Argentine Railway Landscapes.  Stephanie McCallum, UC Santa Cruz

10:45- 11:00 Discussant Comments by Emily Cohen-Ibanez, UCSC Sociology

11:15- 11:30 Q&A

11:30 AM  BREAK

11:45 AM Panel 2: CONTOURS

11:45- 12:05   Inventing Two-Dimensional Reality: The Archaeology of Angularity.  Scott W. Schwartz, CUNY Graduate Center

12:05- 12:25 Traces of Modernity.  Justin Skye Malachowski, University of California Davis

12:25- 12:45 Sacred Design: Islamic Ethics and Remaking Natural Spaces through Permaculture.  Sarah Kelman, UC Santa Cruz

12:45- 1:00- Discussant Comments by Mayanthi Fernando, UCSC Anthropology

1:00- 1:15 Q&A


2:00 PM Panel 3 SHAPES

2:00- 2:20 Tegu Trouble: Corporate Landscape Ecology and the Unravelling of a Chelonian World. Zac Caple, UCSC Anthropology

2:20- 2:40 Connoisseur of Disorder: Reading Polysomnogram as Shapes in a Sleep Laboratory. David Tong. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2:40- 3:00 Vital Fruits: The Shape of Silviculture in Tajikistan. Igor Rubinov, Princeton University

3:00- 3:15 Discussant Comments by Jennifer Gonzalez, UCSC History of Visual Arts and Culture

3:15- 3:30 Q & A

3:30 BREAK

3:45-4:30 PM KEYNOTE: What is an Aesthetic Encounter? Laurie Palmer, Art Department UCSC